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I am a Wounded Healer with the ability to see directly into your issues and understand others' perspectives.

Hey there! 

Welcome to my world and wanting to know more about me. 

A little about my personal journey....

I have always had a love for human behavior and psychology, which was my first major in college. I wanted to be a Child Psychologist. Life took a turn, and I ended up graduating with a bachelors degree in Business Management.

At the age of 20, I became involved in a relationship that was toxic and abusive. For over 11 years, I lived in dysfunction and lost my individuality, developed low self-esteem and told myself I deserved the treatment I was experiencing. Two years after leaving the relationship I was introduced to personal development and mentorship. I began applying the principles I was learning. Soon, the way I saw myself started evolving. I entered a true journey to my healing and did the work needed to change my life, which led to my transformation from a survivor to a Overcomer.


Going through various trials in life, I questioned my purpose. Why did I have to endure some of the pains and obstacles that I faced?

Seeing how I was able to transform my life, I started sharing my experience and helping others. At the time I worked as a coach, trainer and mentor in the human services field, working directly with a population who was considered to be hard to serve. It was during this time that I discovered my purpose - To empower, inspire, educate and be a resource to those who desire change in their lives.

I made the decision to invest in myself and add the professional tools and techniques needed to help me in doing what I was born to do! I am a Certified Personal Growth Coach and Trainer. I am a forever learner. I continue to study and take courses on human development and healing, such as Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neuroscience, Inner Child Healing, Attitudinal Healing and Trauma-Informed Care. All of which allow me to better serve my clients individual needs, as well as provide a fully holistic experience. 

I bring to my clients; compassion, a straight-forward, rational voice, and more than 20 years of experience coaching, leading and developing individuals, businesses and teams.

A few more tidbits:

  • Music and dancing give me life and there is always a tune playing in my head. Dancing is great exercise and self-care. 

  • I enjoy entertaining and a chilled glass of wine. Socializing and human interaction is good for the soul. 

  • I am the proud fur-mamma to my bunny Q-Tip. 

My desire is to add value to people and cultivate the potential that is within. Growth and healing is possible and the possibilities are limitless!

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

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